Hard working people need proper hydration. Some common office beverages such as soda and coffee can actually dehydrate the body. Water is the best choice for staying hydrated because it is the drink that your body needs the most. Culligan bottle-less cooler systems offer the latest advantages in water treatment technology to treat your existing water supply. Whether it’s for drinking or making great tasting coffee and other beverages, these systems will provide your office or home with an endless supply of quality hot and cold drinking water.


  • Affordable alternative to bottled water for office or home
  • The convenience of no bottles to lift or store
  • Provides a near-endless supply of great tasting water
  • Utilizes Culligan’s proprietary line of Aqua-Cleer filters selected to treat your individual water treatment needs
  • Easy to use push buttons for Hot, Cold and Room temperature water
  • Child-proof safety feature for Hot water

Think Green

  • Americans buy over 30 billion single-serve water bottles each year
  • It takes over 40 million gallons of oil to produce these bottles
  • Only 14% of single-serve bottles are recycled
  • It takes an estimated 1,000 years for a plastic water bottle to decompose

Standard Features

  • Exclusive Culligan Global product
  • xclusive all silver (stainless steel) color
  • UV light for cold tank sanitization
  • Large 1 gallon cold tank capacity
  • Electronic controls
  • Lighted push buttons for dispensing
  • Hot water at 185 F
  • Extra Hot feature boosts temperature to near boiling for brewing tea
  • Hot water safety feature to prevent accidental dispensing
  • 8.5 inch high filling height for pitchers
  • Large drip/spill tray
  • Sleep mode shuts down hot tank over weekends to save energy
  • Parts that contact water contain “Bio-Cote” to inhibit biological growth

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